Company Overview

An Employee Owned Company
DCS provides engineering, programmatic, and technical support services to the Department of Defense and other customers focused on national security. As employee owners, we recognize that hiring and retaining the best talent is crucial to our mission. Our focus on personal growth and continual improvement is consistent with our corporate goals of professional and business excellence.

Planning for The Future
DCS offers a unique mix of small company values and delivers solutions typically associated with larger companies. Our entire management team is engaged and involved in strategic plan development. Our executive team leadership brings seasoned experience and proven results. Diverse perspectives from each manager is incorporated into our strategic efforts to provide leading technology solutions to our customers, empower our employees and win new business.

Our Vision
Carl H. Dubac, Sidney S. Cox, and David L. Shumaker, the three founders of DCS, made a dedicated commitment at its inception to technical excellence and employee empowerment. In 1977, these founders pledged to build a company that would attract smart, inventive people to address technical problems, and provide products and services that would positively impact the well-being of our nation.

To learn more about our beginnings, visit Carl Dubac’s series of post, “The Early Years of DCS”

Our Values
DCS stands on our core values of being an employee-oriented company, offering quality services with integrity and honor. DCS’ commitment to the highest levels of ethics, integrity and excellence is of central importance in all that we do.

DCS is a premier professional services firm providing engineering, programmatic and technical support services to the Department of Defense and other customers focused on national security.

Employees who join DCS, an established, mature company, enjoy the tangible benefit of our corporate reputation for excellence earned over more than 35 years of customer service.

DCS is known for investing in great people. You’re next.

Company Summary
DCS Corporation
Number of Employees
500 or more
(571) 227-6176
(571) 227-6006
6909 Metro Park Drive
Alexandria, VA