Company Overview

How We Power the Future of Commerce

Dematic is your trusted partner in designing, building, and supporting intelligent automated solutions. We help companies like yours power the future of commerce in manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution.

Company snapshot

  • Member of the KION Group
  • Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Over 11,000 employees globally
  • Research and development, engineering centers, manufacturing facilities, and service centers located in more than 35 countries
  • Successful customer installations for many of the world’s leading brands
  • More than 200 years of success in solving supply chain challenges

Our solutions

The Dematic global team is here to help you achieve your goals. Our world-class solutions, industry knowledge, and real-world experience will help you overcome challenges.

Our shared KION Group values

At Dematic, and throughout the KION Group, we are guided by four shared values:


  • We do what is right. We act according to ethical, sustainability, and compliance standards. We do what we say. We never walk away from commitments. We communicate truthfully, openly, and timely.


  • We trust each other. We approach tasks with a strong team spirit. We share ideas openly and strive for full commitment. We establish strong long-term relationships. We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.


  • We change and innovate. We encourage new ideas. We value different opinions and diversity. We embrace new solutions and take calculated risks. We take action and contribute to shared goals.


  • We create outstanding customer value. We shape the industry through innovation. We understand our customers’ needs and deliver superior solutions and services. We continuously increase efficiency and simplicity. We invest in people and technology to secure future success.


Company Summary
Number of Employees
(877) 725-7500
756 West Peachtree Street Northwest
Atlanta, GA