Company Overview
Mission Statement: The mission of District 742 is to prepare all learners, in partnership with their families and the community, to live and contribute within a changing and diverse world.

Core Values:

1. EXCELLENCE - A continuous and relentless pursuit of the highest standards of rigor and relevance while being accountable to each other in all we do.

2. LEARNING - Keep the student at the center of our planning, preferences and choices while assuring many opportunities to maximize thinking, learner access, potential and success in a differentiated learning environment.

3. LEADERSHIP - Act courageously, fulfill our responsibilities and collaborate with our constituencies to bring valued perspectives to our decisions.

4. PARTNERSHIP - Engage in our shared mission with trust, competency, transparency and interdependency with all stakeholders: staff, students, families, community, organizations and school board.

5. RESPECT - Honesty, authenticity and compassion in our words and actions while valuing the strengths, and the contributions of all, in this diverse community.
Company Summary
St. Cloud School District 742
Number of Employees
(320) 253-9333
(320) 529-4344
1201 2nd Street South
Waite Park, MN